We are proud to introduce, Controltech, the specialist of the bike components.


We’re all about innovation at Controltech. Proud pioneers of bicycle components, we never stop searching for better; and this year, the evolution continues as we reveal our brand new look.

We’ve been busy at Controltech. Not only hard at work crafting world-class bicycle components, but also developing a new brand identity to encapsulate our 28 years of success and our vision for what’s to come: even better performance, and more technical innovation than ever.

All Controltech products are getting a fresh look with the new logo, and new product launches are on the way. We’re gearing up for releases in 2018 and 2019 that’ll take you further, faster and safer and – working with Italian designers – in more style than ever before.

We’ve got lots to say about our new brand and our vision for the future at Controltech, but for now, we’re going to let our new video do the talking – check it out below.

It’s Controltech, reborn. Be part of the adventure.


Controltech has an impressive heritage, and a proud reputation for world-class bicycle components, and now, we’re evolving our brand – to reflect an unwavering commitment in our search for the best, as we look forward.

With 28 years at the forefront of cycling component innovation, the Controltech name is known for its unique blend of world-class engineering and products that look as good as they perform. We never stop searching for the best performance and, just as our product range is ever-evolving, so too are we as a company, and as a brand.

Continuous Evolution

In our quest for making ever-better products, we’ve changed and evolved over the years; it’s a refining process that never stops. In 1989, we came to the market with our first bike accessory; a bar end that was small but significant. Made of alloy, robust and light in weight; it was a modest symbol of the meticulous craftsmanship to come – and we haven’t looked back.

Over the decade that followed we exponentially increased our range. The 1990s saw a considerable expansion, not only in quantity of products available, but also in technology investment and breadth of quality materials that we innovated with; alongside alloy we introduced carbon fiber, scandium and then titanium – all premium grade raw materials of aerospace quality.

In 2005, we blazed yet more trails; Controltech USA was relaunched in Europe, reinvigorating the market with new MTB and road bike product lines. Highly acclaimed, they lead to further expansion in the years that followed.

New Look; New Range

After almost three decades of tireless product innovation and evolution, we’re ready to reinvigorate the market again – this time with a new powder coat for the Controltech brand that helps maintain the integrity of our core values but reflect our forward-looking view as a worldwide brand.  At Eurobike 2017 we unveiled our new look including a brand new logo, fresh website and a greater social media presence. Alongside our new brand look, we’re expanding our 2018 range with the addition of 20 new products, and in 2019 we’ll be releasing more innovative new products, including four-point offset seatposts and gravel bars.

Our rebrand, and our new video, encapsulates an unwavering commitment not only to product innovation, but to our passion for cycling itself. Because, at Controltech, we believe that it’s that special unity of craftsmanship and understanding of cycling itself, that sets us apart. It’s the solid foundation from which the very best components for cycling can be produced – and that remains at the very heart of the Controltech brand.

Committed To Innovation

We’re proud of our heritage and excited to present our new change. Yet, there’s one thing that remains unchanged; Controltech’s vision for an unwavering commitment to innovation, and total dedication to engineering the best bicycle components in the world.

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