Relic acts like a component manufacturer that is focused on premium quality and precise products, reliable, strong and faithful remained to reputation. What we considered is the most dependable and time-consumed technology combining CNC techniques within the industrial cooperation. Besides, Relic attempts the ODM and OEM fields for best servicing to our great customers.

We were pioneering of linking CNC technology on products to present extremely light in weights without any else strengths loss. Although the materials cost is unlimitedly raised, Relic still insists all the time on manipulation of materials alloy and carbon to yield lighter and stronger components.

Combining metallurgic technologies and aesthetics in the field, Relic is rich in the expertise at ODM and OEM experiences for our worldwide customers in wide range products. In the great knowledge and professional in components, Relic always follows the trendy and keeps in mind, doing everything reliable to meet perfection wherever innovative designs and technologies related to our collections.

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