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PNW Puget MTB Lever

PNW Puget MTB Lever

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The Puget lever kits are compatible with all of our droppers, including the Cascade, Pine, Rainier, Loam and Coast. These levers use a barrel nut for securing the cable which is universal with all mechanically actuated droppers from other brands. Scroll down to figure out the right model for your specific cockpit set up. 

Puget 1x Lever - Comes with 22.2mm (standard MTB bar width), also is SRAM Matchmaker compatible

Puget 2x Lever - 22.2mm (standard MTB bar width)

Kit Includes: Cable and Housing Included

We've always got your back. If anything goes wrong, we're here to do everything we can to ensure you're taken care of. All PNW products come with a lifetime warranty.

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