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PNW The Loam Carbon Handlebar

PNW The Loam Carbon Handlebar

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Get comfortable out of your comfort zone on The Loam Carbon Bar. Meticulously engineered with top shelf carbon, anti-fatigue geometry, and tuned to shine through the corners. Our patent pending CBD Layup brings unparalleled chatter-absorbing comfort paired with an ideal amount of horizontal stiffness for reliable handling in spicy situations.  The Loam is light and nimble, yet rated strong enough for e-bikes and DH riding. We have often heard carbon bars get compared to noodles, well, if a handlebar could be considered al dente – this is it.

Patent Pending CBD Layup

Premium pre-preg UD Carbon

Rated strong enough for e-bikes and DH riding

Upsweep: 5° Backsweep: 10°

Width: 800mm (740mm minimum trim width)

Rise: 25mm or 38mm

Upsweep: 5°

Backsweep: 10°

Clamp Diameter: 35mm

Material: Carbon 

Weight: 233g

Torque Spec: 

Max Stem Clamp: 70mm

Max Stem Clamp Torque: 6nm

Max Lever Clamp: 6nm

Minimum Trim Width: 740mm

Note: Review the stem manufacturer’s installation manual for stem torque specifications. Refer to each of the manufacturer’s torque specifications for each cockpit item.

Strength Rating: Rated strong enough for e-bikes and DH riding. Certified by third-party testing, our Loam Carbon Handlebar passed the global testing standard for bicycle equipment; EFBE’s Tri-Test® for MTB Gravity Category 5 – making the Loam burly enough for e-bikes and downhill riding.

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